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How the Knowledge Panel can drive traffic to Search Engines

For decades, the focus of the search was to match the keywords to the search query. In 2012, google introduced an Intelligent model where the real-world entities and their relationships are matched together to understand their searches related to things, people, and places.

Practices to increase the loading speed of the website with Magento CMS

The survey shows that 42% of consumers who leave the sites will leave the sites which load longer than a 3 minute. If the website of the company takes time to load, it can be a big loss and deterioration of the image. so it’s important to mitigate the slow loading time by introducing the Magento speed optimization.

The State of Higher Education CMS

Schools are adopting the advanced methods in various fields of theirs to mitigate their traditional system. Name it any field, from notetaking to learning resources, teaching methods to interactive tools & online classes to digitization, all the fields are alleviating from their traditional practice to Digitization in various fields such as management, factories, & companies. By introducing the CMS, schools can achieve more solutions for the everyday task they perform. With improved features in the CMS, administrators & teachers can both take advantage. While talking about students, they would have the major benefit of advanced resources with updated materials.

Reason why your online business needs SEO

What is SEO? It refers to the practice of increasing your websites visibility in organic search results. It ensures that your website will be easily found when people are looking for the services you offer.

Mobile Application Development

Importance of mobile app for a business

There are no second guessing how important mobile devices are in the daily lives of millions of people around the world. In fact, mobile devices now change the way businesses work.

Importance of Saas

SaaS (Software as a Service), is known to be one of the three main categories of cloud services amongst Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and Paas (Platform as a Service).